I have a lot of respect for modified daily driven cars. “Duckie”‘s DA Integra is a great example. This 2nd generation Integra may look plain jane on the outside, but if you know what you’re looking at, this car has been highly modified.

The exterior sports an OEM style carbon fiber hood with JDM OEM DA Integra lights to finish off the front with a clean yet aggressive look.

The suspension has been converted to 96′ spec Integra Type R brakes and wheels giving this classic chassis a unique look and braking power.

The interior has been fully converted to almost Japanese spec. If you haven’t noticed yet, the vehicle has been converted to RHD (Right Hand Drive). A complete conversion including the electrical systems have been swapped over from a real Japanese DA6. Little extra features such as the Japanese only top/bottom glove boxes on the dash and compartments make this interior fun to be in.

Seeing the electric climate control at work on the Japanese only models is pretty freaking awesome. I doubt there are many out there with a working unit on our shores.

“Duckie” also took an extra step and swapped out the annoying electric automatic seatbelts found on the 88-91 Honda’s. Manual seatbelts were found outside the US market and installed as well as the matching interior panels. Many DA owners know this is not that easy to find and convert.

“Duckie”‘s car is always in progress and changes every time I see him. So no doubt it will probably be different next time I see it. For his work in progress, I give it a DOOOD APPROVED.
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