I did well at this years WonderCon in San Francisco. Held back on buying many toys/figures. But there was one that surged the impulse buy. Damn you Bandai for having an awesome booth and this figure for sale…

The Haruhi Robo figure by Bandai. A mix between my 2 favorite genres of anime/manga. Moe’ and Mecha. Put them together and you have this awesome figure!!!

Many different poses can be achieved with the many accessories that the figure includes

Bandai did a very good job packaging this figure. Easy access while keeping everything secure. Very nice backdrop design as well.

Haruhi in her infamous bunny suit

The hardware…

Suit UP!!!!

Overall this figure is well built. Articulation is okay. Figma and Revoltech still wins in the articulation area. The figure was able to stand itself without the mecha suit. Took a few tries but not as well built as the Revoltech figures. With the mecha suit on, it was very easy to pose your favorite poses.

The mecha suit is very detailed and surprisingly more articulate than Haruhi herself. Many awesome poses can be achieved.

Overall I highly recommend this figure if you are a fan of Haruhi and company. The Mecha suit is a nice touch to the genre and is just overall badass. The figure sold out in 1 day at WonderCon, I am glad I made the impulse purchase when I did.

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