The Scout Trooper boots were made for rough terrains such as the heavy forestry of Endor or the blizzard like conditions of the planet Hoth. The original costumes used Sierra Hiking Boots.

Picture courtesy of BSN

Picutre courtesy of BSN

However these boots have been discontinued a long time ago. The 501st Legion accepts any work boot or hiking boot with a gum color sole. Lancer status will need to carve the patterns of the screen scout boots. I started with a cheap work boot with the gum colored sole.

For this part of the modifications, you’ll need about 1 yard of Marine Vinyl in white, a hair dryer or heat source and about 30-50 pins or tacks. Stretching the vinyl over the toe box to the heel with heat and vinyl until it forms shape with the shoe. You’ll need to tack the upper part of the sole which will be covered in the later step.

Letting it sit for a few minutes and reheating the vinyl while pulling and stretching until the toebox is smooth. You’ll probably have to pin the vinyl about 2-3 times before it takes good shape since the Marine vinyl is very thick.

Stay tuned for the next step in the boot making process. Lots of glue and sore thumbs are involved in the next step 😀

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