My second piece of soft armor to build is the undersuit. Scouts do not use the same tight fitting underarmor as the classic Stormtroopers and CloneTroopers use. They were fitted to be comfortable and tactical when riding their speeders in the field. The screen scouts back in the early 1980’s used full one piece motorcycle suits. However, times have changed as riding suits nowadays have extra inserts, padding and armor built in for protection. It also costs a lot more from a few hundred to thousands.

Picture courtesy of Lucasfilm and BSN forums

Picture courtesy of Lucasfilm and BSN forums

Today’s 501st Legion scouts are using a cheaper alternative. A simple black military surplus Flightsuit. However, some Flightsuits may be a little too “baggy” for certain body types, especially for my slim frame. Another good alternative is a plain race one piece safety suit that race car drivers use. I went with a Safety Racing One Layer Economy Race Suit.

The suit is more form fitting and perfect for Scout use. Not “baggy” and not too tight. I had to do a few minor modifications to make this work. Of course the brand badges and safety badges had to go. I also had to cut the elastic band around the waist to loosen the fit around the torso. The second layer cummerbund and pouches on the outer armor will be covering these parts.

Here it is modified and removed.

Here is the underarmor with the scout gloves.
Next up on deck to make are the scout boots. Please check out my Facebook Page and “like” it if you like what you see here! Stay tuned!

(exhibit pictures taken courtesy of


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