I almost didn’t make it out of bed Sunday morning for Day 3. My stash of 1up Mushrooms was low, but I was able to find extra Eve Hypos to keep me going!

Sunday, Sunday. You would think the crowd would have calmed down for Sunday. Nope. My first destination for Sunday’s activities was the ThunderCats animation reboot panel. Off to the Esplanade Ballroom I go. And when I got there, a HUGE crowd was already inside for the Terra Nova panel. ThunderCats started promptly right after.

Panel consisted of voice actors, producers and animators for the new series. Larry Kenney, the original voice actor for the original Lionel was there to give some commentary! Freaking awesome!

I was able to grab a few slide show shots of the new animation. They went to a Japanese studio for the animation and it shows how badass and amime’ish the style is. Cheetara is looking freaking awesome.

The panel was questioned about Silverhawks on if they were interested in rebooting that franchise as well. They left that one open to speculation and hinted that it was possibly in progress! 0_0

After the panel, I went back to the exhibition hall to cover more toys. Back to the Bandai booth I go:

Master Grade Gundams

Mega Man!

Did a brief try out on the new Nintendo 3DS. I didn’t know how this worked until I put my hands on their Street Fighter demo. Holy Sh!t it was super cool!!!

If you stare long enough, it’ll pop out 3D on your computer screen.

I am kidding. 😛

The day went super fast and I decided to end it with a bang for myself. 501st Legion scheduled a costuming panel at 3:30 until closing. I had a blast and learned many tips and tricks on my costume build.

501st Legion members were super helpful and friendly. Everybody in this organization is doing it for the love of trooping in their favorite “bad guy” character for good causes. I can’t wait to join the ranks once my armor is done.

WonderCon has become a great preview of what SDCC (San Diego Comic Con) will be in July. Special thanks go out to Tom (Tunerplayground.com), Aaron (F5toRefresh.com). I had a blast at the event and cannot wait for the next. The convention season has started for 2011. Let the geekiness begin!!!

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