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After arriving home from the first day of WonderCon, I was only able to sleep for 4 hours. My legs and feet were still sore and not rested yet. My eyes were still burning from working on editing pictures for a few guest blogs I had to update. I found my stash of 1up Green Mushrooms and powered up!

It is Saturday and Day 2 of WonderCon!!! Knowing the popularity has risen for WonderCon, I got out of the house 2 hours before the doors opened at 10am. I wasn’t sure if parking availability was going to be limited or not and didn’t want to take a chance. Thankfully, I was able to find parking right across the street at the Moscone Parking Lot. Going up the floors of the garage was like going through a portal. Countless fans were jumping out of their normal clothes and into their costumes. It was an awesome sight to see. I already knew the day would start out awesome, I just didn’t know where it would top off at. From that minute on, I knew there was going to be some great cosplay to see inside.

I had a plan when walking into the Moscone Center that day. Cover all the booths, make sure I cover the big panels at the Esplanade Ballroom, and meet/greet old and new friends. As soon as I got off the escalator and through the doors, all the plans went out the window. I was like a kid in a toy store. No direction, just a big smile, huge eyes and a prebuscent sounding scream, no let me rephrase that; a prebuscent sounding gasp on everything that was presented in front of me. If my body wasn’t already tired from the day before, I would be waving my arms in the air, mouth wide open running through the aisles screaming like a kid chasing after an ice cream truck on the street.

Since there was no plan that I followed, I decided to categorize the pics into a few sub categories.

Star Wars and the 501st Legion. These guys are the real deal. Legit screen accurate costumes that aren’t licensed by Lucasfilm but are commissioned by Lucasfilm. Ironic huh? All these costumes are not store bought. All are custom made to the high standards with screen accuracy and movie quality. I hope to also soon join the ranks of the 501st this summer.

Darth Vader doing his thing 😀

I was fortunate to actually run into the 501st photo session outside. Knees were weak and geek mode was at max.


Dave Filoni of the Clone Wars Animated even showed up!!!!

Scout Trooper and a Tusken Raider

The best costume ever!!! There was a little kid under this badass Jawa costume. His dad dressed up as a Rebel Blockade Rebel Soldier. If I ever had any kids, I would totally put them through the same thing hahaha

Twilek Jedi Aayla Secura!!! Bummed the picture turned out blurry. This costume was done very well!!

Scout Trooper (done very well by a female! She is part fo the 501st Legion)

Badass Clone Trooper done very well!

BADASS ARF Trooper!!!! (Advance Recon Force)

Clone Trooper

SnowTrooper!!! I might be doing this one after my Scout armor is done!

A very well done SandTrooper

The one and only R2-D2

Not 501st, but done very well. Lando and Slave Leia. You don’t see too many Rebel Scums like Lando cosplaying!

COSPLAY!!! Next group of pictures are some noteworthy cosplays I ran into. I admire the hard work and effort and quality that these awesome people put into their costume/work.


A GhostBuster! His Proton Pack was freaking awesome!

Another well done SuckerPunch BabyDoll

Jan Illenberger pulling off a near perfect Needa Schuetlitch cosplay down to the armory. Speechless!

Imari pulling off a badass X-23!!! (wish I had a clearer pic, the costume was done well)

Phoenix and a SHIELD agent

OG style Captain America!!!

Attacked by an ALIEN!!!


Who u gonna call????!!!!!

Linda Le, aka Vampy (www.vampybit.me). I don’t need to explain how badass Linda is. She makes her own quality cosplays and overall is pure awesome. Keep an eye out for some new Vampy Bit Me merchandise coming out later this year!

I got a chance to catch Linda in her Ms. Marvel cosplay. Speechless…

oh whut!! double threat!!! Linda and Jan!

triple threat combo and knockout! Linda, Jan and Imari!!!

Marvel Universe…. (Wolverine, X23, Ms. Marvel, Bishop)

Later that day, I got to catch up with Linda, Jan and Imari in one of their many costume changes. This time in the super awesome Highschool of the Dead group. Saeko, Rei and Saya.

WonderCon also welcomed the Cowboys and Aliens panel on Saturday. Jon Favreau showed up and gave us a 10 minute sneak peek of what the movie had to offer. Of course, due to copyright issues, we were not able to film this:

Before the day ended, I was able to run into a few celebs.

Honky Tonk Man of the WWF legends (WWE)


WonderCon ended at 7pm on Saturday. So did my electronic equipment batteries. I attended the Masquerade from 7:30-11pm where cosplayers were able to compete for cash and prizes. They also showed many fan made Star Wars films during the intermission. I spent over 12 hours at Moscone that day, and it was all worth it. Next was an hour drive home to get a few hours rest, and to get ready for the last day of WonderCon. Stay tuned for WonderCon 2011 Day 3 coverage!!!


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