It’s that time of the year again. WonderCon is back at the Moscone Center in San Francisco for its 25th year. Overall coverage can be seen at my guest blog section at Tunerplayground Blog For WonderCon Day 1, I did a quick overview of the floor plan to see what this year had to offer. It has definitely grown bigger than what I remember from previous years especially from its early days when WonderCon was still in its infancy in Oakland across the bay.

My first day consisted of picking up my press pass and waiting in lines to get into other lines. The comic book/pop culture/video game industry has grown to a big following in the Bay Area. I can compare this to what San Diego Comic Con was like a few years ago.

The cosplay that came out the first day wasn’t bad either. Many great costumes out there.

Clone Troopers of the 501st Legion.

Scott Pilgrim!

Very cool Cyclops visor

Stormtrooper from the 501st

Have not seen the movie yet, but I believe this is Baby Doll from Suckerpunch

Very well put together Supergirl cosplay

A lot of great toy/collectible manufacturers and designers were there as well. Kuso Vinyl and designer Nakanari were displaying their great vinyl toys

I found my way back to this booth by Bandai multiple times. Can’t get enough of the awesomes:

Perfect Grade Gundams!!!!! 0_0

My favorite Haruhi, mixing Moe’ and Mecha in one! Glad I impulsed purchased this as it sold out early the next day!

More Haruhi!

too awesome…

Some awesome vendors showed up as well. This one had 90% vintage toys for sale. My kind of toys! 😀

These guys made custom LEGOS…and most of them were STAR WARS!!!!

The night ended with the Green Lantern panel. I was surprised that they held this on Friday instead of Saturday. They provided a 10 minute exclusive footage reel of the movie. Of course, we were not able to record the footage. However I can say I am a little more convinced for this movie. It looks like another visual stunner. We’ll see how they pull this off this summer. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively showed up for this panel. Reynolds stole the show with his witty comments and sarcasm. Very entertaining actor/comedian!

Stay tuned for DAY 2 coverage. And be sure to “like” the Asiandoood page on Facebook if you like this 😀



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