The Biker Scouts from Episode 6 (Return of the Jedi) used trooper armor that were lighter than the standard issue Stormtrooper armor. The Biker Scouts often worked in groups of 2 or 4 and operated the 74-Z speeder bikes. Designed for maximum movement and flexibility during combat.

My first piece of soft armor for this costume is the Biker Scout Gloves. These gloves were based off the Esprit Motorcycle Gauntlet Gloves from the 1970’s. The gloves originally had zippers and tan suede that were dyed and removed for the Scout costume. It makes sense to use motorcycle gloves for operation of speeder bikes.

Original Esprit Motorcycle Gauntlet Gloves 1970’s

As seen on actual movie prop/costume. The suede was dyed black and the zippers were removed.

As seen on screen

The gloves were commissioned from “SA” which is a reproduction studio that makes awesome Star Wars movie props. Detail is screen accurate and quality is very good for a custom piece. I definitely recommend this piece if you are trying out for the “Lancer” status for the Biker Scout Detachment of the 501st. (Please contact me by email for actual studio name to avoid conflictions)

The custom fit is perfect and the quality is awesome. Can’t wait to get my blaster ready in the grips of these gloves.

Detail down to the ribbing and stitch of the original Esprit Gauntlets.

(Reference pictures taken from BSN Forums of the 501st and Lucasfilm)

Next piece of soft armor for modifications is the race/flight suit under armor. Should be arriving in a few days for custom modifications and fitment.

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