I nerd out over a lot of things. But there are two that get me the most geekiest. Transformers and Star Wars. Star Wars started very early for me. I have to thank my father for purchasing a VHS copy of this movie back when VHS was still pretty new technology. All I remember was knowing how to turn on the VCR, inserting the tape and pushing “PLAY” The rest was history. If I was given a dollar each time I watched this movie, I think I’d be a rich person now. From the date of the VHS, it looks like it officially started in 1983 for me. A few months before Return of the Jedi was released in the theatres.

The VHS tapes that started it all:

1983 VHS release of Star Wars, 1984 VHS release of Empire Strikes Back and 1990 VHS release of Return of the Jedi (check out the Hi-Fi Stereo compatibility!)

In 1995, Lucasfilm released the original trilogy in a boxed set. They “digitally remastered” the movies offering THX quality and sound. Yea of course! I noticed the great sound improvement in my mono speaker television set. 😛

In 1997, Lucasfilm released the Special Edition box set of the original Trilogy. Yes! Extra scenes added for your viewing pleasure!

In 2000, Lucasfilm released the VHS release of Episode 1 The Phantom Menace. However I believe I watched the last 20 minutes of the movie too many times (Darth Maul/Kenobi/Qui Gon lightsaber scene) and wore out the tape. Haha

Lucasfilm released the prequel saga in 2001, 2002 and 2005 in DVD format with some awesome extras and special features.

In 2004, Lucasfilm once again released the original trilogy, now in DVD format with clearer resolution than VHS and “superior sound”. This would be my forth set of the original trilogy.

With the announcement of the 3D remastering of the complete saga beginning this year, I am sure this will not be the last time I will again purchase the original trilogy and prequels. I am a sucker for Lucasfilm’s marketing.

Next update… Toys….



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