Japan is known to have the coolest, the weirdest, and the best food and snacks. When it comes to Kit Kat snacks, there is no exception. Kit Kat snacks known to us are wafers covered with milk chocolate. Sometimes with white or dark chocolate. Japan takes it to another level. They offer many flavors (Green Tea Matcha is my favorite) and one of them is Wasabi flavored Kit Kat.

You might be thinking weird thoughts. Gross? Unlikely. At first many people think it is like eating a very spicy/hot horsradish snack. Kit Kat actually pulled this one off pretty good. There is a small kick of wasabi flavor mixed with the creamy white chocolate sweetness. It is actually quite delicious despite the unusual flavor for such a familiar snack.

I highly recommend it with your favorite cup of tea. It is a great pairing.

The packaging is awesome. You can always count on the Japanese for presentation.

The gift packs are individually wrapped in pairs. The wasabi flavored chocolate is a light green hue with the same delicious wafers inside.

Unfortunately, Japan keeps this item as a domestic product. Unless you are able to find a gray market retailer that exports/imports these to the US, I have not seen it sold anywhere. Not even Japantown in San Jose and San Francisco, California nor Little Tokyo of Los Angeles, California.

Overall, I highly recommend trying it if you ever get to come across this Kit Kat flavor. It is interesting and weirdly delicious!

Special thanks to my friend Tony who brought this back for me from his last visit to Japan.



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