I’m sure everyone has heard about the massive 8.9 magnitude earthquake that has occurred yesterday afternoon at 2:46 PM local Japan time. It was very shocking to see live images and video of the destruction the earthquake and tsunamis that destroyed everything in its path.

I am relieved to hear that my friends in Tokyo, Sendai and Osaka are doing okay. Since their cell phone communications were down, the most efficient way of communication was through Twitter and Facebook and through the internet. Slowly but surely their replies fueled my relief and concern for their family and friends.

It was shocking to see the powerful tsunami waves traveled hours and thousands of miles across the ocean and still caused deaths and damage here in the San Francisco and area coastal shores. Even if it wasn’t 30 foot waves, the surges in the water was enough to do some damage.

My heart, thoughts and prayers go out to all the people in Japan and around the world that have been affected by this disaster.


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