Figma Black Rock Shooter, was released in late August of 2010 by Max Factory Japan. I finally got my hands on one a few weeks ago before all distributors were out of stock. The figure is highly articulate and detailed. Very close to the detail of the anime series. If you are a fan of the series, this figure is highly recommended for all BRS fans. With the included accessories, you’ll have multiple hours of fun posing this awesome figure.

Figma BRS Packaging:

Inner Packaging

With plenty of accessories, you’ll have hours of awesome poses and articulation with this kit

Also includes a DVD trailer of the series

Black Rock Shooter

The figure kit also included chains which gave it a nice touch!!! You can almost reenact the whole anime with this figure kit!

oh what’s this?…


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This figure kit is probably one of the best Figma kits I have at the moment. Highly recommended for all BRS fans and figure collectors!!!


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