There’s nothing more impressive than a clean fast daily driven car. Andrew Eng’s DC2 is no exception. This was one of the fastest builds I’ve seen in a while. Over a matter of 2 weeks, a bare Type R shell has turned into a street beast. The exterior is simple. JDM Integra Type R 98 spec front end conversion with carbon pieces for the front lip and the bonnet. The rear wing has been deleted as well as many interior parts to keep it light and nimble.

Suspension is kept simple and aggressive with a full TEIN set up on race dampening and custom rate springs. Covering the perfect Type R brake set up is a set of clean Advan RG wheels with a semi aggressive fitment and offset.

Under the hood is where it counts. Many people think it is blasphemy to rape a Type R of it’s near perfect B18C-R motor. But when done right, a K20A will do just fine as well.

Interior is kept simple as well. Bride bucket seat for the driver, Recaro SRD for the passenger to keep them comfortable yet planted. Works Bell quick release mated to an ATC 95mm Rallye Cone steering wheel keeps the driver in control while providing the needed security. Project Mu pedals finish off the cockpit.

The power to weight ratio of this set up is insane for the street. The low profile look of Andrew’s car keeps people second guessing when the roar of the motor takes over. This car is built perfect for the street and has my respect. DOOOD APROOOVED.


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