Haven’t done a figure review in quite some time. 4 years after the initial release, I finally got to pick up the first Fraulein series of Revoltech that started it all. Figure series 001 Ayanami Rei of the Neon Genesis Evangelion Series. This figure usually sells out everywhere I look for it however I came across it at a local comic book store at a great price. Since this release, there has been 2 other Ayanami Rei Fraulein Figures released by Revoltech. “Bandage” version as well as the “2.0” version based off the reboot movie.

As with any Revoltech figure, it is highly articulate as it can have up to 18 points of posing goodness. The Fraulein series stands 6 inches tall and fluid lines to mimic a real figure.

The only issue with the “early” Revoltech Fraulein series is the bad design of the arms. They have been known to fall off with minimal effort. This figure had a faulty right arm/elbow joint which gets quite irritable when trying to do some dynamic poses. This issue has been known to be solved in the latter series of figures. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzimiya series has addressed this issue with very good improvements. (a review for a later blog post :] )

I really love the articulation of these figures. You can really make some realistic dynamic poses easily.

If you are a fan of this anime series or even a fan of the Revoltech figures, I would highly recommend picking this one up. It is beautifully sculpted and very articulate. You will not be disappointed with this figure even though it is one of the early releases.

Overall, I am very happy with the design and the figure. Max Factory is scheduled to release a FIGMA version of Rei Ayanami this spring (2011) which looks to be very promising. Until then this Fraulein Revoltech figure will be posing away!!!


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