Coke has always been my favorite soda beverage. I prefer it over Pepsi and other colas. Growing up drinking this in America, it surprised me on how different it tastes in other countries when I visited. I remember my first taste of a different formulation was my first time in Hong Kong. After the long plane ride, I ordered an ice cold Coke at a local noodle house to quench my thirst. My first sip was the most refreshing I ever had for a Coke. I didn’t believe how good it was until I took a few more sips. From that point, I made it an effort to find and taste Coke wherever I traveled to.

Here are a few Cokes that I have been fortunate to try:

Hong Kong: Hong Kong Coke in my opinion had the perfect blend of syrup, sugar, and carbonation. It wasn’t too sweet, yet it wasn’t too syrupy (if that’s even a word). It had a nice carbonation feel when you drink it and the taste did not linger in your mouth. It was very smooooooth.

China: If I remember correctly, the Chinese Coke was very similar to the Hong Kong Coke. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the same. However since Hong Kong was under British rule, the preferred taste may have been a little different. If anything, the Chinese Coke was just a tad sweeter, same carbonation and still smooth with no aftertaste. (check out the difference in tab and spout of the can)

Thailand: Thai Coke was also smooth. However I remember this Coke had a more syrupy taste with the same carbonation content as the Chinese and Hong Kong Coke. Still refreshing and preferable.

Spain: The Spanish Coke was very different for me. It seemed like the carbonation was not as strong as the Asian market. Also the beverage had a very “syrupy” taste to it. In my opinion it tasted very different than the North American and Asian coke formulas.

Singapore: Singapore Coke is very similar to the Hong Kong formula. Smooth, and perfect blend of syrup and sweetness.

Japan: Japanese Coke is very similar to the Coke we have. Sweet, syrupy and carbonated just the same. However, because they use real sugar, there is no sweet after taste. Just a smooth refreshing sip everytime. They also have very cool looking resealable aluminum bottles as well.

I think I was able to conclude why all the international Cokes had a smooth taste. They all use real sugar or a real sugar blend to their soda. As we Americans get the High Fructose Corn Syrup which is a synthetic blend of processed sugars. (Which studies show links the Obesity problem we have here).

Our blend with High Fructose Ingredients:

Everyone else who uses Sugar:

Hopefully Coke decides to bring out a natural sugar formula which Pepsi did with their “Throwback” edition. Coke tastes so much better when made with real sugar.

I’m always looking for international Coke cans/tasting. If you know of any places or are going places where different type of Cokes are sold, please feel free to contact me or send me a sample. I will update with new tasting reviews.

Till next time, crack open a cold Coca’Cola for me!!!




  1. Thank you for finally answering one of the questions I have had since moving to Japan back in May of 2011.

    Coca-Cola is one of my favorite drinks and because I am from the United States, I find the thought of dumping tons of HFCS into my body to be an absolute abomination. Not to mention, when I was introduced to Mexican Coca-Cola and Indian Pepsi (both of which are made with sugar), well.. it rocked my world.

    So, because I moved here and decided to embark on a healthy journey of walking everyplace (very easy to do here in Japan) and watching what I eat/drink, I only have a Coca-Cola once every couple of weeks, if that. However, it had been bothering me that I could not read the label to figure out what the ingredients were.

    It is nice to know that it is just sugar and not HFCS. Also, I love that Japan has these adorably tiny 6 oz cans you can buy in some grocery stores here. It is like the perfect serving size for me!

    Also, we have Coca-Cola Catechin (green tea) here, which I hear is strange but rewarding if you like green tea (which I do). Have you encountered any weird flavors of Coke in the countries you have visited? I personally think the red bean flavored Coke Japan introduced a few years back was strange. Not my favorite, but I could see why the Japanese would like it.

    1. Wow! Thank you for the info, I haven’t seen or heard about the Coca-Cola Catechin nor the Red Bean flavored Coke. (Both which I like, outside of Coke). I will probably be on the hunt for those next time I am in Japan. I have not encountered any other flavors of Coke elsewhere yet. I will be more aware the next time I am abroad for sure!

  2. We are in Singapore at the moment and loving the Coke here! Definitely less sweet and more refreshing – it doesn’t make your teeth feel like they have sweaters on, like the English version does 🙂

  3. Hi thanks for your review I found it interesting. I do prefer Japanese coke to American. One correction on what you wrote regarding Japanese coke, Japanese coke is 54% high fructose and 46% sugar for the sweetener part. Also I find the Japanese coke to be less “syrupy”.

  4. We live in Australia & although we are not big soft drink drinkers we prefer coke over other colas. We just spent 5 days in Singapore & I couldn’t even finish a can of it let alone lemonade. The soft drinks taste flat, the taste was nice on the first sip as u cracked the cans but after that it tasted flat, no bubbles 😦

    1. I have still yet to try Australian Coke. I have read that the ingredients were made of purified water and cane sugar. Sounds very good to me!

  5. Awesome blog! I am a Coca-Cola fan but I’ve only had Canadian and Mexican Coke. Where I live, you can buy it by the case. Anyhoo, I always wondered what Coke around the world tasted like. Thanks for answering that question for me. Great job!

    Bruce McMahon

  6. I am enjoying a Coke in Kathmandu, and wondered why it tasted so much better than American Coke. Very smooth, not syrupy, no cloying sweetness. I would say probably like the Hong Kong Coke you describe. Wow!

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