This will be the last of my revisit to the past video game consoles I’ve owned in the past. It was about 1992 when I got my hands on this console. Street Fighter 2 was announced by Capcom. The only reason I wanted this console was this game. At this time the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo were on a head to head heated console battle. Both boasting their 16-bit power and game support. Peripherals were being created left and right. Sega tried to jump on the infancy of the CD-ROM format. Super Nintendo pushed the software and hardware support. “MODE 7” was the graphic scaling that was heavily pushed as well as the production of the “FX Chip”.

The SNES introduced 6 buttons from the traditional 2 button console pads. Back then, that was a lot to remember and process!

As seen in an earlier installment of nosDOOODgia: Nintendo Entertainment System the SNES was also equipped with an expansion port on the underside of the system. This port was never used in the North American market.

On the Japanese counterpart, there were rumors of development of the Super Famicom CD-ROM system. This was never released nor produced. The designed was actually pitched over to Sony when they were in development and research of a system later to be known as the PSX or Playstation. Sony and Nintendo went their separate ways and the rest is history.

However Bandai created what I believe was a basic satellite tuner system. They called it the BS-X and attached to the bottom of the console.

There were also many peripherals that were offered overseas. The most memorable one that I had a chance to borrow from a friend was called the “Game Doctor”. This peripheral basically took your cartridge games and downloaded them to a diskette form. Pretty much making a “back up” if you were to call it that. This worked for most games but not with ones equipped with battery back ups or the “FX Chip”. Your games were in diskette form. It was easy at the time to “rent” or “borrow” a game to make “back ups”

Some note worthy memorable games:

*MODE-7* Games – Super Mario World, Pilotwings, Star Wars, TMNT: Turtles in Time

Street Fighter 2, Street Fighter 2: Turbo, Super Street Fighter 2

Mortal Kombat and Mortal Kombat 2. (Remember the controversy about blood in games. Nintendo changed it to sweat and altered the FATALITY ending moves for the first MK game)

The highly hyped up “FX-Chip” which helped the SNES render basic polygonal graphics found in STAR FOX

The SNES was and still is one of my favorite consoles till this day.



  1. Out of all the game systems I’ve owned, I miss my SNES the most. Some of the most memorable games I’ve ever played were on that system. Street Fighter 2, Super SF 2, Skate or Die, Mike Tyson’s Punchout, Mortal Kombat 1 & 2, NBA Jam Tournament Edition… so many good titles with a lot of replay value.

    The only game I’m playing right now is NBA Jam for the Wii and only because the gameplay is as close to the SNES experience as I remember.

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