I’ve decided to add a new section to the blog called “nosDOOODgia”, everything and anything nostalgic that I’ve owned.

First up to bat, the Atari 2600. Yup Atari. A lot of people coined the term: “know your roots” with a picture of the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). My roots was the Atari which was the first to bring a video gaming console to what we know today back in 1980. (I feel like I’m blogging for again..haha ~_^ )

The system I had seemed to be a refurbished piece from the factory. I remember my father came home one day after work with this in his arms. This started my craze for video games. I remember playing day and night.

The console was pretty simple and basic. It wasn’t true 80’s if it didnt have the woodgrain trim. Reminds me of those huge StationWagon cars with the wood grain panels like the Griswalds had on Vacation 😛

Another perk was being able to get games before they went into production. With a help of a Atari EPROM reader, being able to test games before the mass market was super cool for being a little 5 year old.

The EPROM reader read these 🙂

Loading up a game

We had a share of finished production games as well sans the plastic cartridge.

Pac Man, Centipede, Zaxxon, Space Invaders, Frogger…..ahhh the memories. It has come a long way since…..

…but this is suppose to be nosDOOODgic, I’ll leave that to a FUTURE post 🙂



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