Nerd alert! With the movie being out for almost 3 weeks, I’ve already had the pleasure to enjoy it twice in 3D at the theater. Right after the first screening during opening night, I had to run out the next day and pick up Spin Masters Series 1: Sam Flynn’s Deluxe Identity Disc.

The deluxe disc is made for collector’s purposes and was not made to be thrown. There are about 6 LED lights that light up with sounds from the movie which makes this replica a must for a die hard TRON fan. It comes with a matching stand for you to prop this proudly where ever you feel fit.

Just last week, I’ve heard from a friend that Series 2 was mistakenly released a little too early at select stores. Series 2 consists of Rinzler’s Identity Disc and Kevin Flynn’s Identity Disc. Rinzler is similar to Sam’s with slightly different tones and an orange light up effect. Kevin Flynn’s disc is all white which makes this one a more sought after item. I was fortunate to find both discs at the local Target. Kevin Flynn’s seems to be the short packed item.

Rinzler’s Identity Disc

Kevin Flynn’s Identity Disc

There seems to be a few slight improvements to series 2 in terms of build and sound. However I cannot confirm if it was intentional or if my Sam Flynn disc was defective. All in all, this is a must buy for any TRON fan out there. The discs look awesome on display where ever you decide to put them! END OF LINE.


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