Happy New Year everyone! Hope you had a very fun and exciting day to welcome in the new year. 2010 has been a great and interesting year. In case you wanted to know the breakdown of my blog (believe me it has been interesting) in 2010, I have some cold hard numbers that even has shocked me.

Number Crunch
-2010 accounted for 2/3 of my total hits to the blog!
-2010 accounted for 63 total blog posts of 120 total.
-2010 most looked at post was in December topping the previous record in February of 2009

Top Referring Sites
-Facebook (www.facebook.com)
-NWP4life (www.nwp4life.com)
-N1 Concepts (www.n1concepts.com)
-Honda Tech (www.honda-tech.com)
-Wordpress (www.wordpress.com)

Top Searches to my Blog
-Asa Akira
-Amia Miley
-Vampy Bit Me
-Street Fighter Revoltech
-Revoltech Street Fighter

Top 5 Posts of 2010

1. Transformers: GEN 1
(December 2010) This post was made to share my collection of the original Transformers toys that I had when I was growing up. This was the most favorite toy and cartoon I had when I was growing up. I didn’t think that it was going to gauge so much interest. The numbers went off the charts that day and week. I also have to thank Linda Le for sharing this post as well. She is probably the biggest reason why there was so much interest in this nostalgic post. This blog post broke the record held by Wekfest 2009 in February 2009.

2. Vampy Bit Me
(October 2010) Speaking of Linda, Vampy Bit Me was the second most popular post on my blog for 2010. Vampy Bit Me is a brand and a character owned by Linda Le. She is probably the most nerdiest and most AWESOME person to know. She is very sincere, encouraging, and most of all, inspirational. To top it off, she is both beautiful inside and out. She is every guy’s dream girl, including myself. This blog post continues to be viewed every day and is soaring up on the stats as we speak.

3. Wondercon 2010
(April 2010) I was disappointed that I wasn’t able to attend Comic Con 2010 due to the sell out of tickets early on. However WonderCon in San Francisco was also a great event that I couldn’t miss. I haven’t been to WonderCon in years since it moved from Oakland. It was surprising to see the event get to the size it has from the small halls they use to display back on the East Bay. This blog post is being viewed by people searching for the most random things. I didn’t know Virgil from WWF has such a huge following still!

4. Revoltech Street Fighter 2
(February 2009) Probably one of the best lines Revoltech brought out. Ever since junior high, I was a fan of the Street Fighter franchise and spent all my lunch money pumping quarters into Capcom’s best game ever. Combining my favorite video game and characters with Revoltech’s awesome design and articulation, you have a very happy camper. This blog post has the staying power. It has been 2 years since this post was made and is still climbing the stats!

5. SEMA 2010 – My Observation
(November 2010) I have attended SEMA consecutively for the past 6 years for my jobs. I’ve seen it grow and blossom into a huge event and take a dive during the economic turmoil. It was great to see a rebound this year in the industry. It looks like people were interested in seeing where it was going as well. This blog post is most viewed by searches for Honda’s CR-Z and the tuners that built them for the show in 2010.

Once again, I thank all my blog supporters and followers. You guys inspire me to write and share my interests. If you are curious to see what I have done in the past, some of my old blogs are still up but not up to date:

asiandoood’s blog spot
asiandoood’s 1up blog

Thanks again for reading and here’s to an awesome 2011!!! And remember, “…for relaxing times, make it Suntory time”



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