All the buzz over the recent release of the Air Jordan 11 “Cool Grey” release has gotten me to consider picking it up. It looks like a great retro release of a good colorway. I have done the line waiting for last year’s holiday release for the “Space Jams” and I told myself I wouldn’t do this again. I wish everyone luck who had waited in line the night before and in the morning of the release. Hopefully the pair that I would of picked up went into the hands of a non reseller/scalper who is truly into this great sneaker for what it is.

On the other hand, I did just receive an early release of the other anticipated release of the Jordan Retro brand. The Air Jordan III Cement colorway. I am always a fan of the III’s and this is one colorway that I cannot miss.

The first awesome part of this retro release is the retro original packaging from 1988. They went back with the Jumpman logo and the “elephant print” box.

The packaging included “elephant print” tissue paper. Box material seems to feel like 1988 material. Old. =P

I’m pretty sure the 2003 release and the OG’s were better made/quality. These 2011 retros are decent. Don’t mind Mikuru in the pic, she’s there to pose and prove these are genuine pics of mine.

Comparison between the 2011 Cement and the 2009 True Blues

They even retro’d the tag. Comparison between the original OG “Nike Air” tag and the 2011 Jumpman tag

Comparison between the 1988-89 OG box and the 2011 retro box design.

Overall, not a bad release. With all the rain that is going on, I will probably not undead stock these until spring or summer. Now hopefully they decide to retro the Air Jordan IV Cements sometime soon :p


One thought on “AIR JORDAN III RETRO 2011

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