Lot’s of December babies coming around this end of the year. My sister is one of them. To celebrate a semi-milestone age, I decided to take her down to the Happiest Place On Earth with my parents. It was great having a roadtrip just like we did when we were kids. Only this time, it was my turn to take care of everyone 🙂 HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS!!! Disneyland is meant to be experienced in person and I will not blog about the usual rides and experience. However they have a temporary exhibit up that I will blog about that will last only until the end of January.

A temporary exhibit was put up in the backlot side of California Adventure called “elecTRONica”. Nobody was more hyped than I was to check this out. “elecTRONica” didn’t start until the sun goes down. The hours of operation were from 6pm-10pm everynight of that week. During the day, it didn’t look like much.

Countdown to “elecTRONica” everyday during the day at CA. Adventure.

A huge Recognizer overseeing the opening of the “elecTRONica” stage

They closed down the Muppet 3D show to have the TRON 3D sneak preview

I didn’t head back to CA. until after 6pm where the transformation begins. You can see the mass of blue lights directing you torwards “elecTRONica”

A video of what it looked like walking past the entry gates of CA. Adventure:

The gate to the back lot with a huge blue display that you cannot miss

A video of what it looked outside the gate

Walking torwards “elecTRONica”

The Recognizer actually speaks and lights up when you walk past it.

Right when you walk in, you are hit with music and lights and “gogos” in TRON costumes. The DJ’s are dressed in the Legacy white costumes mixing on stage while blue lights and lasers scatter the air. To the left you have a chance to catch a 3D sneak preview of the movie:

To the right is the DJ stage and dance floor

You’ll then come to the “End Of Line Club” where they serve you cocktails and drinks just like they did in the movie. The glasses that they serve in also light up in different colors as if you were drinking the same drinks in the movie. I was not able to capture any pics of it as it was still early in the night. You can kind of see a few sitting on the tables if you look closely.

The best part of the exhibit was at the very back of the lot. You can’t miss it because it has a very well lit sign that says “FLYNN”. As seen in TRON and TRON Legacy, FLYNN’s arcade has been recreated. (If you attended Comic Con in 2009, this was a similar recreation in downtown San Diego. Check this LINK to see my brief coverage of SDCC 2009). The arcade played 80’s music just like both movies and offered a variety of 80’s coin operated arcade machines. It was like walking back into the 80’s when these establishments were the hottest thing to hit up on the weekends.

Notice the great classic games!

Flynn’s very own Space Paranoids!!!

Disney did a great job in promoting this movie at their own theme park. As a die hard TRON fan, I was pleased with what they did. Hopefully TRON Legacy lives on like the original TRON did for me as a kid for this new generation. If you didn’t catch the movie already, I highly recommend watching it in 3D. The original TRON movie was ahead of its time, and this current movie will blow your visual imagination away.

Speaking of TRON and Disneyland, does anyone remember the ride called the “PEOPLE MOVER” back in the 80’s where they simulated the light bike sequence of TRON. 😉 –you are awesome if you do 🙂

I think I want to build a Legacy costume. Who’s in?



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