With the release of Tron Legacy closing in within a week, Disney released the Tron Legacy soundtrack by Daft Punk today. Thanks to Ms. Vampy for her find on this Deal for the soundtrack download at only $3.99!!! Daft Punk has done a great score for the movie and their single “Derezzed” kicks some major ass. Highly recommended if you are a fan of both Tron and Daft Punk.

On another note, I was told by my cousin that the DVD release of the original 1982 Tron back in 2002 has skyrocketed on the secondary market. He asked if I still had mine. I had to do a quick google search to see how crazy this was. And he was right.

I have the 20th anniversary edition from the 2002 DVD release., and eBay has new sets listed from as low as $75, and as high as $145-$200!!! NUTS!!! Even used sets are going as high.


I did a little research to find out that the DVD is a out of print from Disney since 2002. This means if you can’t find it to rent at a local video store, you probably won’t find this anywhere. You won’t find this on NETFLIX either. Disney is not likely to release anything until next year when Legacy hits Blu-Ray and probably will be doing a dual pack with the original.

I guess I should store this DVD on my top shelf. Not looking to sell for a quick buck, but I’ll take generous $150 deposits if you want to borrow it =P …I’m half kidding.




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