NBA 2K11

Haven’t bought a new game in a while. But after hearing about my childhood sports idol making an appearance in a video game, I had to pick this up. How can you not want to play as his “airness” Michael Jordan? I already contributed to his empire of shoes and merchandise ever since the 6th grade. Idolized his moves on the basketball court thinking I can do the same while making a fool out of myself. Michael Jordan makes it look all too easy to do. This game is no different. They captured all his signature moves and stats from his career. They even have a Jordan challenge where you have to relive his 10 legendary games of his career. And the best of all… you level up with Air Jordan shoes as achievements! This is just part of the game. I have not even touched the career mode and play with the current players and stats yet.

Highly recommended if you are a Michael Jordan or NBA sports fan. This game is like playing real live broadcasting. The in game commentary and halftime shows are impressive. It’s like watching a real game on TV only you are in control of it.

If you have this and are on Xbox Live, shoot me a game request 🙂


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