SEMA 2010 – My observation

It was that time of year again. SEMA week in Las Vegas for the automotive industry. This year marks my 7th consecutive year at SEMA. I’ve seen the industry change a lot for the best and the worst. I remember when it was booming with exciting new products and enthusiasm back in 2004 for the import industry. It was a great run through 2005-2007 and really died in 08-09. It was great to see a rebound this year. While not as big as it was before, it seems like it is slowly picking back up.

Since there are going to be countless event coverage as people start arriving back home to their offices, I am just going to post the noteworthy builds that caught my eye:

Honda’s booth was strictly a one make. Theme was “Eco Sport”. Solution? The new Sport Hybrid CR-Z. Honda only had the CR-Z on display in many forms. Concept, Mugen, HPD, and the many builds of the top known tuners of the Honda community.

1/300 Mugen CR-Z’s

Honda’s Concept CR-Z

Mazda 2

Audi R8 Spyder

VQ powered Silvia

The new Ferrari California. I still like the Scuderia

Corvette Z06-X (factory race prepped). I want one of these. It must be my mid life crisis calling me.

Charger-SSX (factory race prepped)

M3 with complete Vorsteiner kit

..and last but not least, our tire sponsor (N1 Concepts x J’s Racing S2000) Hankook models. Corinne and Mariah with 2 of Korea’s models. (anyone confirm their names?)

Hisaaki Murakami of J’s Racing Japan flew out with our colleague Koji to visit SEMA. It was great having dinner and partying with them Thursday night. It was a pleasure to see everyone again.

I want to thank Norman (N1 Concepts), Tom (N1 Racing/Tunerplayground), Hisaaki (J’s Racing Japan), Koji (Bridge), and everyone else we met out there.

…also a huge congrats to the San Francisco Giants for being the 2010 World Champs!!!! I landed in Las Vegas to a sea of Giants fans on Monday night at the end of the 7th inning right after Renterria hit the 3 run home run. The Fox Sports bar was crowded with fans until the final pitch. I didn’t get to catch the victory parade on Wednesday due to our slow internet connection at our hotel. Wish I could of been there to celebrate with everyone.


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