If you are a big TRON fan like I am, then you’ll probably have heard of TRON LEGACY that is releasing this December as a sequel to the 1982 feature film by Disney called TRON. Tron was way ahead of its time in terms of special effects. It looks like the sequel will be doing the same adding the 3D technology to its storytelling this time. DAFT PUNK signed on doing the complete soundtrack for this new film. I’ll be in line for this soundtrack as well as the opening night for the film. Check out the teaser video:

I’ll be sporting my FLYNN LIVES shirt I got from the 2009 Comic Con TRON “FLYNN’s ARCADE” exhibit to the opening this December….who’s down to catch the midnight showing with me?

(At New People grand opening in SF Japantown 2009. I grew out my hair that year for a year just to see if I can..haha)

…and congrats to the SF GIANTS again this evening for taking a 9-0 victory to win GAME 2 of the World Series!!! GO GIANTS!!!


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