Congrats to the 2010 San Francisco Giants!!! After a great amount of torture and 2 playoff series, the San Francisco Giants advance to the 2010 World Series!!! Words cannot express how fast blood was flowing (me especially) and how far at the edge of the seat everyone was on the final inning and last out of Game 6 vs. the Phillies. Seeing the celebration was awesome. After 8 years, we finally go back to play in the World Series.

Looks like they about to kiss!!!

I remember the 1989 series with Thompson, Clark, and Mitchell were running things. (and of course the big earthquake). The series in 2002 with Snow, Kent and Bonds. And now the torturous but great 2010 stars Huff, Posey, Uribe, Ross, Lincecum.

Good luck SF Giants in Game 1 of the World Series this Wednesday!!! I’ll be there to cheer on while consuming large amounts of hypertension pills and beer. (I’m kidding about the pills :p)


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