Some Badass Steering Wheels

Are you old school enough to remember or know about ATC Japan? While we were gawking over Momo and Sparco wheels in the 90’s…and living the hype the past years over Personal and Nardi, ATC has been producing quality steering wheels in Japan for the past 20 years. Well known tuners and drivers in Japan go to ATC to make their custom wheels. VERTEX and KEY!s are well known in the Japanese tuning community for their ATC manufactured steering wheels. Quality doesn’t lie. You want maximum grip and agressiveness, the ATC Sprint Deep Style 65 has got what you need. With an offset of 65mm and a grip of almost 2 inches in diameter, this has the Personal Neo Grinta running for cover

…or if you are looking for a Rallye style type wheel, the ATC Rallye Cone 95 has what you need. Drifters and Grip drivers alike do not discriminate on this wheel. The offset of this wheel is 95mm. (Nardi Deep Corn is 80mm). This is probably the deepest offset you can get for a performance oriented steering wheel. It’ll finish off your interior with class and aggressiveness.

INSPIRE USA has them in stock (

ATC Sprint Cone 65

ATC Rallye Cone 95


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