Long Beach and FEELS’ling Good

Took a short mini vacation to Long Beach last weekend for SpoCom Long Beach weekend. Started the day at 530AM road trip to Dublin to meet up with Ryan and Tom for the trek down. Thanks Ryan for driving and offering a freaking cold A/C!!!

First stop for food at arrival was nothing other than Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles. Always cannot get enough of it. I didn’t get to take a picture of the “Country Boy” (3 pieces of chicken and a waffle) that I had. I was too hungry to remember. Washed it down with a Sunrise (lemonde/fresh orange juice).

The hearty meal knocked all of us out until the evening before the pre party at V20. Before then, we met up with a few members of Team Hokori and friends for some Cajun style seafood for dinner. (Similar to Boiling Crab, without the wait). Again, too hungry to remember to snap a pic. FAIL.

After dinner, we trekked on back from Westminster to LB to get ready for the SpoCom/PMD pre-party. I was in so much pain on the way back. Stomach was not cooperating. (Sorry Michelle!!! didn’t mean to leave you alone in the room) I used the lobby facilities to avoid embarrassment. And yes, I purposely forgot to snap a pic of this.

Pre-party at V20 Long Beach, met up with Tricia and the crew of PMD. First drink of the night, Jack and Coke. However, I believe Tricia had the bartender hook up the drink. I swear it was all Jack, no Coke. I was pretty much gone for the rest of the night. Ended it with a pint of Jack, and 4 beers. Not bad. The rest of the night was a bit hazy, but I do remember getting to Westminster again (yes, we love Westminster) for some after hours Pho’. Greatest Pho ever (beer goggles talking). No pic again, was too drunk to care. Thanks to Michelle, Tom, Ryan, Tricia, and Joe for the good times!

The next day we slept in. Headed to SpoCom in the afternoon. Met up with a good customer Salem of Phaze2 and his CL7. Keep an eye on this car, major changes coming soon! Thanks Salem for supporting us at N1!

Overall the show was great and very well put together as usual. Be sure to check out SpoCom Hawaii on August 28th in Hawaii! Thanks again to Mike, Eddy, Tricia and Tom of SpoCom for the hospitality. Always greatly appreciated. The day and mini-cation ended with the 6 hour drive back home.

Work on Monday started with great news. Got a package from Japan by EMS mail. I’ll let the picture do the talking:

Stay tuned for more info! (www.n1concepts.com)

…and I’ll end it with a random photo from today. Pretty cool.


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