Daycation: SLO

Spent a whole day with some good friends on a Daycation get away. Started at 530 am, we did a 3 hour road trip to SLO and Pismo. First stop, Firestone Grill

The well known Tri Tip BBQ Sandwich was devoured in less than 10 minutes. The first bite was the greatest. Toasted buttered with BBQ sauce and juicy trip tip flanks. I need to go back

After a great meal, we decided to walk it off in downtown SLO. One known location was called “gum alley”. A picture is a thousand words:

Lots of cool little shops in SLO. All the bars and pubs were filled with World Cup viewers as US played UK.

Next stop is south of SLO to Pismo Beach. Spent a few relaxing hours on the sand, people watching, soaking up the sun and listening to the crashes of the ocean.  Click for the panoramic:

Even though the temperature was a comfortable 70 degrees, it still took a beating on our bodies. Nothing to solve that issue than some chocolate covered worms and crickets and scorpions!

Darren with the Chocolate covered Scorpion

Joe with a chocolate covered worm

Pismo isn’t covered unless you have a bowl of chowder from Splash Cafe

Before ending the day, the chowder was walked off by the trip to the end of the pier.


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