First, let me say that the Xbox 360 is a great gaming console.  Great dashboard, great games, great network of players.   The console literally on the other hand, is a piece of SHIT!  Why?

This is the 3rd time in 3 years I have had the red rings of death.  No, I do not abuse the console.  Yes, it has adequate ventilation.  I even go out of the way to even have the console raised so that all the vents are breathing comfortably.  I’ve tried having it stand on its vertical posture:  FAIL.  I’ve kept it on its horizontal posture:  FAIL.  I’ve had extra external fans blowing the console during warmer days (I do not believe in the intercoolers as Microsoft will say this will void your warranty):  FAIL.  Why does it keep failing?   For Xbox 360 owners, they know why.  Poor design of the GPU/CPU layout and poor quality and design of the cooling fins and craftsmanship.  Yet they still return me after each warranty claim a release console with the same problem!!!???!!!  F A I L

So the past 2 times I’ve requested a repair,  Microsoft sends a pre packaged box with packaging and even tape to send back to their repair center with a shipping label for 3 day delivery to and from.  Now it’s a whole different story.

Notice the box and label that I have saved from the last adventure.  BOX and LABEL provided with 3 Day service.  NOW?  NO Box, NO packaging, NO 3 Day Service.  Am I to assume they will not refund the 1 month that I will lose on the Xbox Live subscription?   Time will tell.  And in this case, probably more than a month before I see my console come back.  3 times in 3 years.  FAIL RATE 3 for 3.  AM I going to receive another doomed console when this is all said and done?   Am I going to bitch about this again in a year or less?  Microsoft,  you FUCKING FAIL.   SEND ME A FUCKING “JASPER” UNIT.


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