WonderCon 2010

Wondercon makes it to SF for the 25th year!   And of course, I as a certified nerd had to be there.  I ran into 4 other friends/acquaintances at the show as well,  so I know the nerdiness is quite universal.   In no comparison to the mother of all nerdfests Comic Con San Diego, this was a good show with a decent line up of guests and attractions.  Brian Nolan made a panel appearance for Warner Brothers.  Rumor has it he might write/direct a Xmen reboot.

Special thanks go out to a good friend Tom for getting a last minute press pass for my cheap ass.   My cousin Armand and Cindy for joining me and taking me out to dinner afterwards. On with some pictures

my pass for the day

The crowd on Saturday…

Some badass Klingon costumes

Some custom Mighty Muggs!!!

Build your own Droid and 501st Legion!!!

Erin Gray!!!  (Buck Rodgers, Silver Spoons, etc.)

Shawnee Smith (SAW series, Who’s Harry Crumb)


Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca)!!!!

Helen Slater (Supergirl!!!)

Marina Sirtis (Con. Deanna Troi of Star Trek TNG!!!)

Lou Ferrigno (The Incredible Hulk!!!)

WWF legends… Honky Tonk Man,  Virgil,  Ted Dibiase, and Bushwhacker Luke (not pictured) and Iron Shiek

Willam Katt (The Greatest American Hero)!!!!

All in all a great event.  I forsee WonderCon getting as big as ComicCon very very soon.  This will hold me over until ComicCon,  hopefully I can make it in July.


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