SpoCom NorCal Pre-screen Event 2 of 3

Just got back from the SpoCom pre-screen event 2 @ Wheeldude hosted by Wheeldude and Speed Element.  Great cars showed up today.  Nothing like a Sunday afternoon with nice cars, nice people and nice weather.  Next up, 2 weeks from now at N1 Concepts, the third and final pre-screen event for SpoCom Norcal.

I need NOS, I need it tonight,  2 bottles.   😛

Thursday night started well with great company and great Shabu.  Ended horribly when I couldn’t remember much after leaving a local bar.  Thank you Johnny for getting me messed up.  I can say I know how Murakami (of J’s Racing) feels when he thinks of drinking with you.  Thank you Phil for your hospitality and letting me pass out next to your porcelin god.  Thank you Phil’s dad for not kicking my ass.  Thank you Norm for getting me to work and letting me pass out for an hour.  I’m getting too old for this.  Never again!


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