It’s been a short, fast, busy, and sad February.

Container arrival at work means a hectic rush of sales and parts.  2 straight weeks of organizing and sales at the office from our shipment from Japan.  This basically killed my time and energy for the last week of February.  There was also preparation for for Wekfest 2010, only this time I was a vendor of a show that I helped curate from my previous business venture.  It was kinda weird being on the other side of the operation as everything was all too familar from what I did before.

The night before the show, I didn’t get any sleep again as I have lost another loved family member.  My uncle whom I very much respect and have glad I’ve had great memories with passed at the young age of 75.  It was hard to see someone you grew up with go away so suddenly.  The best memory I have was when I traveled abroad with him back in 2004 having a couple of beers overlooking the ocean in Aberdeen, Hong Kong.  I had a few pints of our favorite beer (Guiness) with him and his old friends from Hong Kong with my family.  It was a great memory I will never forget.

A few hours before his passing in the hospital, he was alert enough to say “thank you” to me before I left.  That was the last words I ever heard from my uncle.  Rest in peace uncle,  one day I will have another beer with you again.


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