San Diego Comic Con 2009

Made my way to attend the SDCC 2009 on Friday and Saturday.   From the stats, the attendance soared to about 125,000 people.   CRAZY!  Too much to talk about.  I will outline the biggest highlights for me:

– Megan Fox (promoting Jonah Hex).  Got about 3 feet from her.  Too many bodyguards

– Olivia Munn (Attack of the Show G4 TV)

– Walt Disney Pictures –  CRAZY promotion this year.  Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland,  TRON LEGACY!!!  AIWL had a traveling prop exhibit.  Actual props and sets were viewable at a remote location in SD’s downtown.  TRON LEGACY had their awesome promotion with FLYNNs ARCADE at a remote location in SD’s downtown as well.  A well setup 80s arcade with working coin ops and 80’s music.  At the end, they kick you out through a concept art exhibit and the new Lightbike prop from the new movie!  Free tshirts as well.  AMAZING!

– Cosplayers!   Met the regular usuals that attend all SW events and cons.  Miss Christie Marie.  She’s a huge Star Wars fan with a custom made Slave Leia costume made for her figure.   Thats hot!  Check out her youtube video interview here:

-LOST – final season and many cast members and the producers showed up to please the fans!  I actually camped out on the lawn to get good seats for Hall H on saturday just to see them.  DIE HARD.  I don’t think I’d ever do this for anything else besides Star Wars.

– IRON MAN 2 –  Downey JR, Favereau, Cheadle, and Scarlett Johanssen show up for their panel to promote the new movie for 2010!  Exclusive trailer is freaking awesome!!!

Also partied it up at Hard Rock Cafe across the street from the convention center on Friday night.  They hosted all the celebs and it was great seeing all of them.  I will try to make this an annual event for myself.  Cannot wait for the 41st event next year!!   Enjoy the very fractional amount of pics I have uploaded :p


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