R2D2 Unit cake (from scratch)

A project collaboration with my 2 cousins and myself on a Star Wars birthday cake.   The whole cake is made from scratch.  Here are the following steps we took to build our lovable Droid 🙂

Step 1,  7 layers of cake to build the body and dome.  Body consists of 2 layers of confetti cake, 2 layers of chocolate cake, and 3 layers of red velvet.  Body of cake and frosting made by my talented partners in this project.

Step 2.  Attach dome to body of cake

Step 3. Frosting the body of the cake with R2D2 colors of white, grey, and later with blue and gray. Frosting and color matching applied by my talented cousins.

Step 4.  Apply details of the R2 unit with frosting by piping.  Detailed frosting applied by myself with useful pictures of R2D2 technical details from the web

Step 5.  Add additional details with frosting

Step 6.  Construct R2’s legs out of rice krispie treats.  Treats and base frosting made by my talented cousin.  Details piped by myself.

Step 7.  Apply leg unit to the body unit.  Skewers were used for extra structural rigidity.

Step 8.  Apply touch up details and frosting and present!!


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