Well,  I cannot really read the writing on the can.  But as far as all the English goes on the can, I can make out Asahi and Bireley’s.  This drink is bottled by one of Japan’s major beverage companies called Asahi once again.  Same makers of the Super H20 and the well known Asahi beer.  The drink is very interesting.  I’ve had it once back in 2007 at Narita Airport when I thought I was getting grape soda.  With surprise, it is grape jello juice.

Sound weird?   Yes.  I bought another can to do my reivew this time around, from the same place at the Narita Airport.  If you look at the can carefully, it tells you to shake and tumble well before drinking.  This time I did, and it tasted a lot better than the last time.  The drink comes out in pieces like jello.  In fact, I think the whole drink is jello.  More on the sweet side, but not as fake as the corn syrup stuff we get here, it was still good to drink.  I would probably recommend chilling this drink very well before consuming next time.  Overall, very very interesting drink that I know will never make it to our shores here.


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