Had a lot of beer on Friday night with some good friends.  3 pitchers to be exact, which equaled to about a pitcher per person.  Started off with the Tatonka Stout which is an Imperial Stout  (8.5% by vol. of alcohol).   Moved onto the PM Porter which is a Robust Porter (6.5% by vol. of alcohol) and finished off the night with the Nutty Brunette which is an American Black Ale (5.9% by vol. of alcohol).  By that last pitcher, we were all pretty toasty.  Had to chill at the local In N Out Burger where everyone else had the same idea.   Some very attractive  half Korean/White chick commented on our KiksTyo shirts that myself and my friend was wearing.  We were all mingling non-sense.

Tatonka Stout

PM Porter

Nutty Brunette


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