Fanta is not so much of a big and popular brand here in the states.  (At least not that I know of locally).  However, you can find Fanta all over Hong Kong and Japan.  Next up for review is Fanta Orange from Japan.  I bought this can at one of the hundreds of vending machines at the Narita Airport in Japan.  Compared to Fanta Orange in the U.S.  …Japanese Fanta Orange is far superior right from the first sip.  The drink does not leave a sweet aftertaste and is not sweet period.  It actually tastes like a fresh orange in soda form.  I’d have to say it is because they use real sugar and totally use a different formula in Asia.  Fanta Orange from Japan tastes wayyyyy better than Fanta Orange here. Too bad I only got a hold of the small can.  I really wanted more.


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