Picked up a few toys from HK and Japan.  Usually I would come back with a full luggage of them.  I held back this time.  The actual items I was looking for were not released or were sold out.  This is what I picked up for shitz and giggles.

Marvel characters from Japan.  Boxes actually said for sale in Japan only.  They keep all the cool things to themselves. Super deformed super heroes.

Nendroid Haruhi Suzimiya figures.   Picked up one from a store in Akihabara.  Toys were mystery as you dont know what you’re going to get until you open it.  I spent 500 YEN and got a Mikuru.   My buddy Charlie got me the other version from the same place.  I think I may have to start getting Nendroids.  Pretty damn cool

Geniune Asimo doll from the Tokyo Auto Salon.  Made in Japan from the Honda Motor Company.  Pretty damn cool to get genuine merchandise from Honda of Japan.  The booth I got it from was the Suzuka Circuit store.   Double coolness!

This is the only cool toy from HK.  EBBRO Mugen S2000 1:43 scale.

So many toys I want, so little space and money.  Damn Otaku.


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