Haven’t been able to organize the Japan photos yet.  But I did get snaps of some new kicks and clothes from the trip.

Did a lot of shopping in HK and Japan.  Mostly Japan in the Shibuya and Harajuku district.  KIKSTYO was one destination that was definitely on the list to go to.  More info on KIKSTYO here:

KIKSTYO does shoes and clothes in collaboration with major shoe brands, artists, models and pop culture brands.  Their head office is located in Shibuya Tokyo, Japan.  Very small and very boutique’ish.  Clothes are quite expensive…but I’ll never find these here in the states easily.

SUPREME is another store we hit up.  Based out of New York, Supreme carries a full line of clothes based on the skate, artist and hip-hop culture.  With 5 locations in Japan, I was able to visit the Osaka and Harajuku locations on my visit.

ATMOS was the other major destination we hit up.  ATMOS Tokyo is a shoe/clothes store that also does major collaborations with Nike, New Balance, North Face and the kind.

Didn’t pick these up in Japan…but I took a better picture of the Jordan V’s deadstock I picked up a while ago from my good friend Jon.

Acquired the Air Jordan Countdown 11/12 pack from my good friend Darren!!!

Picked up the Air Max Current Artist Pack Ben Drury’s from Mongkok Hong Kong.  Good price…and not easy to find here in the states.

Picked up the KIKSTYO gear from Mongkok Hong Kong and Shibuya Tokyo, Japan and Yokohama Japan.   Tech Challenge TEE, Espionage Exclusive YUKO ISHIDA TEE, KIKSTYO Basic TEE and the KIKSTYO Hoodie.

Hopefully I get the Japan pictures organized soon.  hehe…


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