Train Man: Densha Otoko

Picked up a new movie on Netflix.   Japanese movie from 2005 called Densha Otoko.

“While riding the train, a desperate geek meets the girl of his dreams, promting the socially deprived but brave young nerd to start a chat room thread asking his facess internet compatriots on how to talk to girls.”

Very funny story and can relate to some of it.  The guy is a nerd like me who has an OTAKU for figures and such.  I’ve noticed a lot of nice toys in the background of his apartment scenes.  hahaha…

Overall a very enjoyable movie.  I did have a few objections in the end as I busted out laughing very hard.  They could of climaxed the movie better..hahaha.  Anyways, a good rent if you have a chance.


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