New Camera

Picked up a new digital camera for point and shoot usage.  Now I can carry this around in my pocket without having to lug the old G3 around on my shoulder.  Canon Powershot SD1100 IS Digital Elph.  8 Megapixels!!!  (compared to my 5 year old G3 at 4 MP).  Uses SD memory which only cost 8 bucks for 4 gigabytes!  I can’t believe how cheap memory is nowadays.  This stuff use to be up in the 100 dollar range.  Picked up this camera for convenience when traveling and not worrying about having to carry a huge camera around.

Camera supposed to have image stabilization..but still needs to be very still to have a nice clean clear focused picture.  I guess it is better than nothing.  My G3 never had a problem with that or actually delt with camera movement better.   What can I expect for a 150 dollar camera though.  I am not complaining, it is doing the job.


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