Weekend Toy Drive :: RIP Huan Vo

Last weekend was the 3rd annual toy drive hosted by 2 of the big car crews in the Bay Area.  Plus One and ATS doing a toy drive for the kids for the holidays.  Weksos was a sponsor for this event giving away free raffles for some hot items.


We were being silly in the pictures.

Wednesday Nov. 19 is a sad day.  A few of my friends and I lost a fellow colleague in an automobile accident in Orange County.   An 87 year old woman made an illegal left turn causing our friend to dive and crash straight onto the car door off his motorbike.  The trauma to his head killed our friend almost instantly.  We are very saddened and shocked.  He had a great life ahead of him and was planning to continue his education up there in Northern California.  He was also a fellow wheel enthusiast like I am.  My thoughts go out to his family and friends over the holidays.  Huan Vo was 29 years old.   Rest in Peace “woong”   We will miss you a lot.





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