Last weekend spent in Vegas for the annual SEMA convention.  A lot of GTRs as expected.  SEMA was noticably smaller this year as a lot of major manufacturers did not show this year.  We stayed at Bally’s this year.  Had the Bellagio and the Mirage buffets.  I miss the food.  Anyways…here are a few pics:

Head tuner from Mine’s Japan.

Seibon GTR with dry carbon parts.

Bulletproof GTR

Powerhouse AMUSE GTR at the IFORGED wheels booth.  One of my favs.

GTR at HRE booth.

Junction Produce Samurai being silly with the statue

Mines GTR!!!  I couldnt believe they brought it over from japan.

Civic with FD2 front and rear end conversion at Seibon.  mmmm.

This would be my family car…if i had a family.   LS430 VIP style.

One day…..

Mugen 2009 Fit for the USDM market.   I would love to have one of these…minus the wheels.

WEKSOS on the N1 Concepts J’s Racing AP1!!!!!!!!!!

Overall fun trip.  Too bad I dont gamble enough to come back with some moolah.


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