Mighty Muggs :: Air Max 1 360 :: Air Jordan 3 Air Force 1

Got a hold of new toys and shoes.  New Mighty Muggs came in on Saturday.  This wave included many characters from the Clone Wars movie/cartoon.

Got 2 pairs of new shoes.   Yes, Im crazy.  First pair is the Air Max 1 360.  Very comfortable and lightweight shoe.  Always wanted a 360 in some type or form.  I would never be able to find any Air Max 90 360…so I opted for the Air Max 1 360.  Will be using these for daily and beaters.  Super comfortable.  I used the Foot Locker Friends/Family 30% off deal for this.  Saved about 50 bucks.  Good deal for a shoe that normally retails at 160.

Next pair is called Air Jordan 3 Air Force 1.   It is against my beliefs to get a Fusion or Hybrid shoe.  But this release is quite decent for what it is.  Im usually a purist when it comes to Air Max’s and Air Jordans…but this week I went the total opposite.

AJ3AF is a mix of the Air Jordan 3 shoe with an Air Force 1 sole.  I picked up the white/fire red colorway.  I really wanted to pick up the black also.  The shoes were ordered online and came in today.  The top of the shoe is totally Air Jordan 3’s.  The bottom is a mix of Air Force 1 with a transparent sole with an air sole built in.  Pretty damn cool.  The packaging also surprised me.  Too damn nice for a shoe that I am going to use daily.

damn addictions…..


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