$1.95 1/2 Burger : DNB : Tune Up : HEROES DVD

Still pissed off over the events of last week’s CB,  buddy Rich and Jon were bored and went to, of all places to DNB’s the following Saturday.  Decided to play some hoops and classic Street Fighter 2.  Not bad other than the stupid VIP cards they give you at the door after paying a freaking $5 cover charge.  The VIP cards cant even alow you to play Skeeball or the cheapest games.  Worthless!

Following Friday, hit up a place called Kitty’s Lounge/Bar/Resturaunt.  Rich and I picked up James and met up with Darren, Alvin, Mar and Kevin.  Good place to chill, ending the week with a few drinks.  No cover, and drinks were pretty cheap and damn strong.  Had 2 Jack and Cokes and 1 Guiness.  The Jack/Cokes were more like Jack with hint of Coke.  Not complaning at all.  Finished the night over in Berkeley with a Garlic Top Dog and a greasy yet satifiying fresh Apple Fritter Donut in Downtown Berkeley.

Saturday was a chill day.  Had to work during the day.  Came home to work on the car.  The car needed a tune up very bad.  I’ve neglected to do a tune up in 3 years.  Changed the plugs, wire, cap…and attempted the rotor.  Couldn’t risk stripping the screw that held the rotor in as it seems like it was seized onto the distributor.  Changed everything else and probably going to pay somebody to do the rotor.

Check the plugs….it is pretty embarrassing to let them run this long.  My car was seriously bogging and choking the past few weeks.  Now I know why 😮

Yeah,  they were fouled.  Check the deposits on that electrode.  Freaking embarrassing. After doing the tune up, I had a huge appetite.  Rich, Jon, and I headed over to Downtown San Jose for happy hour.   $1.95 1/2 pound cheeseburger with fries.  $1.95!!!!!!!!!  You can’t beat that.  Place is called McCormicks.   They serve $30+ dishes with steaks and lobsters during the day.  For some reason, their happy hour has $1.95 burger dishes!!!   WINNNNNNERRRRR!!!!

Sunday is lazy day. Laundry, chores and washing the car.  Only got to the first part.  Started a new series on DVD.  HEROES.  Freaking awesome and hooked already.  My nerdy side has taken over again as the series is based off comic book like characters like XMEN discovering their new powers.   Now I gotta add another to must see list:

LOST, The Shield, O.Z., The Sopranos, Entourage, and now HEROES.

Time to rest up while I can.  Another busy work week ahead.


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