The whole freakin week has been hot.  90+ degree weather.  I’m pretty much tired of it and can’t wait till Fall rolls in.  Heat makes me sleepy, yet can’t sleep.  Miserable.  Here’s the thermostat on the portable a/c unit:

Saturday night went out with a few friends last minute to Cobbs Comedy Club out in San Francisco.  I believe it was in the North Beach district.  The Kims of Comedy (teehee~~~ get it?).  Yep, they were all Korean:

Ken Jeong — (Knocked Up, Pineapple Express, Stepbrothers)

Kevin Shea — (comedy central)

Steve Byrne — (Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno, Comedy Central, The Real Wedding Crashers)

and…special guest ….

Bobby Lee!! — (Harold and Kumar, Pineapple Express, Kickin it Old School)

Overall, very very good show.  Better than expected.  The guys are funny and can relate to.  Most of them talked about the same nerdiness stuff I am into.   Video Games, toys, Transformers, etc.  After the show, I got a chance to get a pic with Bobby…hahahaha


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