All Eyez On Me

Been a fan of Tupac Shakur’s early music from his days when he started with Digital Underground.  Use to come home from school and catch Hip Hop Friday with Andy Kawanami on local TV station KTSF Channel 26 (Window too the Worrrrrrllld) CMC [California Music Channel] from 3pm-5pm with favorite VJ’s Renel Lewis, Chuy Gomez. […]

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Coffee Review: Starbucks Morning Joe

  Coffee: Starbucks Morning Joe (ground) First Impression Taste: Very neutral.  Doesn’t have the kick like most of their other dark blends Brew Method Used:  Aeropress with Stainless Filter Additional thoughts:  Will try the aeropress paper filter to see if any changes in taste.  Overall I wasn’t too impressed.  It’s not great, but it’s not […]

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PIXAR: Motorama 2017

  Huge thanks to my friend Edwin for inviting me to the Pixar Motorama event for 2017. This falls on the same day as the Cars 3 theater debut.  Upon arrival to Pixar, there were already many awesome cars staged across the campus.  I was having too much fun and cramming my face with food […]

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Currently Drinking

Working on this bag of coffee in my Aeropress.  Starbucks Medium Roast Columbia.  As it says on the label, Balanced and Nutty.  Has a easy and clean finish.  I drink it straight. No strong after taste.  Highly recommended if you like a well balanced cup of coffee.

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