The popularity of overfenders and widebody set ups have taken a huge jump in the past 2 years thanks to TRA KYOTO; responsible for Liberty Walk and Rocket Bunny widebody aero. While I didn’t make it to SEMA this year, I got to see 2 of the popular set ups that did, thanks to AME Wheels North America.


rocketbunny fd3s


From time to time I like to just hit up the local liquor store to see what craft beers are available. This one caught my eye as I usually gravitate towards ambers, browns, porters, and stouts. The name itself was interesting. It had PORTER written all over it, I was sold.

Presentation was very European (which it was). The beer is brewed and bottled in Poland.

zywiec porter1

After popping the bottle open, you can clearly smell the strong robust malty scent of the Porter. It has a very good aroma.

zywiec porter2

zywiec porter3

The taste is strong, the pour is thick. The aftertaste is your typical Porter. The kick is hard! This Porter has a 9% ABV. After a few sips, I was already feeling the kick. I can see pairing this beer with some BBQ. Something that gets messy, yet aggressive. Imagine eating this up with some BBQ Ribs or a great cut of steak. I’m not talking about backyard eats, but something aggressive from a steakhouse or the likes.

zywiec porter4

Presentation: 8/10 [nice simple details on the bottle. Label very European]

Pour: 8/10 [Very nice thick pour. Very aromatic]

Taste: 7/10 [Great robust malty Porter taste. Strong alcohol content]

Overall: 7.5/10

I would recommend trying if you like Porters. It’s a good beer that you can have 1-2 per sitting with good food. The 9% ABV makes a strong presence without you knowing. Overall, I would recommend it.


Owner: Ken

Car: 2006-11 Civic Si
Photos: iPhone 5 Camera

Ken’s Civic Si is another good balance between street and show. The FA5 Civic is fully converted to the CSX/JDM front end with a Mugen RR style front bumper. The front conversion consists of the headlight, fender, hood, and bumper change. Overall, it gives the car more personality and the look of the original design of the eighth generation Civic.


The car sits on 18 inch SSR Type F in matte black. It has a complete Mugen style lip spoiler kit for the sides and rear.


Ken’s rear has also been converted with a FD2 trunk lid that supports the original Japanese rear tail light design that differs from the Honda of America version. The rear is topped off with the FD2 CTR style spoiler.



The interior is kept simple with just a shift knob upgrade for better shifting feel, red tweed accents on the doors for the Type R look/feel.



Have you ever had crack in a biscuit? Well, not literally, but this is what I would imagine crack in a biscuit would be like. The rest of the world calls it a biscuit, I think we would call it a cookie. Arnott’s Tim Tam Biscuits. Crack.



As far as I know, the sister company that we know of as Pepperridge Farm has brought over this tasty and addictive Australian treat as Pepperidge Farms Tim Tam in 2008-09 exclusively to Target Stores. Since then it doesn’t look like they ever brought anymore over to our shores.

I am fortunate enough to have an awesome friend from Australia send me a pack straight from the source.


Let me remind you, this is a drug. An addictive one. If you ever have the opportunity to eat one of these delicious chocolate covered biscuits….take it. Trust me.

On my fatassing scale of 1-10. I rate this as a 10




Owner: Daniel Ho

Car: 2002-04 RSX (DC5)

Article/Photos: Collin L. (asiandoood)
Photos Shot with Iphone 5 Camera

Daniel’s RSX is a good balance of a daily driver and street show car. His build concept is quite simple and clean. The Zenki DC5 body is mated with the Kouki front and rear conversion with simple aero pieces that praise the already clean body lines of this Honda. Complimenting the simple color is a pair of OEM DC5 Type R badges which gives it just enough kick to catch your eye. Sitting on aggressive sizing Enkei RPF1 wheels and a simple air suspension kit, Daniel can make the RSX go from a worry less daily driver to a chassis scraping street show car within seconds. Be sure give a peek of his build at upcoming events and at our Inspire USA Year 3 Event!

stanceformation 1

stanceformation 2

stanceformation 3

stanceformation 4

stanceformation 5

stanceformation 8



A good friend recommended I try this particular confection all the way from New Zealand/Australia.  I don’t believe we have anything like this or similar in the USA.  Pascall Pineapple Lumps may sound weird at first (to American’s at least).  I always have the motto of “don’t knock it till you try it”.  At first glance, it looks like a chunk of chocolate.  When you bring it closer to your senses, you can actually kind of smell the pineapple sneaking through the layer of chocolate.

When you bite into it, it may take a little effort as the pineapple candy center is quite tacky like taffy.  You first get the senses of the chocolate taste.  A few seconds later, the taste of pineapple mixes with the chocolate.  ADDICTING!  Who would of known chocolate and pineapple would go together?  I couldn’t stop at one, I had to have more.  It’s not overly sweet and artificial like American candy.  It’s just a right mix of fruit flavor and chocolate.  I highly recommend trying this if you are able to get your hands on some.

On my fat assing scale of 1-10, I rate this as a:  9






I’ve been getting a lot of requests and questions on how to strap the shoulder bridge straps. Here’s the method I used that is simple and accurate for 501st approval.

The 501st Legion requires this bridge to be a piece of cloth. Not elastic. If you watch the movie as well and look closely at the strapping, it should be “duck cloth” material or similar to canvas.


The method of strapping is referenced by many scouts before me. It is called the T-Strap method. It consists of many pieces of velcro and straps sewn together into a shape of a T. You’ll need to look at the pictures that follow to understand which side to sew the velcro pieces.


On the armor, I placed some white velcro on the outer bridge.


On the underside “inside” the armor, I placed some velcro between the inner bridge.


The T-strap will velcro onto the under side of the bridge of the 2 armor pieces facing outwards


You will then secure the two pieces of armor together, pull the T-strap and wrap over the outer velcro.


Loop over the outer velcro, under the bridge until the strap faces outward again


You will now have the strap hanging outwards with the velco pad that will attach to the shoulder bell armor piece


Velcro the shoulder piece on and you’re done!


Hopefully that’ll clear up the confusion on how to strap your shoulder bell armor while achieving a 501st approved and movie accurate strapping. Good luck and happy trooping!